About Us

Originally founded by Erich Feix in Augsburg Germany shortly after the war, MotoGeist was developing racing components for the Porsche 356, however for economic reasons Mr. Feix turned the attention to furniture manufacturing as it proved far more lucrative.  Mr. Feix’s brother in law ended up retaining the rights to the name, and it was finally decided by relatives with a passion and dedication for quality to make something Mr. Feix would be proud of.  An avid motorcyclist himself, Mr. Feix can be seen in the picture below on a BMW just prior to the onset of the war.


Today MotoGeist carries on the tradition of developing, testing, manufacturing, high quality motorcycle accessories.  

MotoGeist follows the philosophy of “complexity only as necessary” and the motto, “it functions well!”

We strive that each user is satisfied with the value, quality, and ease of use of our products.  Furthermore we know the importance of customer service, for which reason our products are available through MotoGhost.